RefobjBase internal class members


This member access is protected.

virtual ~RefobjBase()  

This member access is protected.

void ref_allocated()  

This member access is protected.

int ref_count() const  

Get object current reference count

void ref_delegate(RefobjBase *o)  

This function set the passed object as references counter in place of this object. The reference counter of this object is disabled and all Ref pointing to this contribute to reference counter of specified object instead.

This function must be used when an object is instantiated as a member of an other object so that references to the member object are used to keep the container object alive.

bool ref_is_delegate() const  

Check if RefobjBase::ref_delegate has been used on this object.

virtual void ref_single()  

This member access is protected.

This function is called when a dynamically allocated object has its reference count decreased to 1.

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