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  • QDebug operator<<(QDebug dbg, const ValueBase &c)

Members detail  

enum Library  

Specify lua standard libraries and QtLua lua libraries to load with the State::openlib function.

BaseLibstandard lua base library
CoroutineLibstandard lua coroutine library, included in base before lua 5.2
PackageLibstandard lua package library
StringLibstandard lua string library
TableLibstandard lua table library
MathLibstandard lua math library
IoLibstandard lua io library
OsLibstandard lua os library
DebugLibstandard lua debug library
Bit32Libstandard lua bit library
JitLibluajit jit library
FfiLibluajit ffi library
QtLuaLiblua library with base functions, see the Predefined lua functions section.
QtLiblua library with wrapped Qt functions, see the Qt related functions section.
AllLibsAll libraries wildcard

typedef QMap<String, Ref<Member>> member_cache_t  

No documentation available

typedef QHash<const QMetaObject*, MetaCache> meta_cache_t  

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struct meta_object_table_s  

const QMetaObject *_mo;
qobject_creator *_creator;

QDebug operator<<(QDebug dbg, const ValueBase &c)  

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