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To locally build the documentation, you also need:

source repository

Guile-lib is managed with git, a distributed version control system. To grab guile-lib, run the following:

At that point you can install guile-lib with make install, or run it uninstalled using the pre-inst-env script.

Developers with SSH access should check out ssh:// instead.

web history browser

Catch up with what's been happening by visiting guile-lib's gitweb.


Send patches to the guile-devel list. The list itself belongs to Guile, but most people that have commit access to Guile also have commit access to guile-lib.

Git has a little bit of a learning curve. If you aren't comfortable with committing, just do a git diff > mypatch.patch. Otherwise, send your patches using git-format-patch:

savannah project page

We also have a page on Savannah.