developer information


guile-cairo wraps the API from Cairo version 1.10 and later.

guile-cairo works with the current Guile version 3.0, as well as with the previous 2.2 and 2.0 stable series.

Additionally, make check requires guile-lib version 0.1.6 or later.

source repository

guile-cairo is managed with git, a distributed version control system. To grab guile-cairo, run the following:

git clone git://
cd guile-cairo
./ && ./configure --prefix=YOUR-PREFIX && make

At that point you can install guile-cairo with make install, or run it uninstalled using the env script.

browse the code

Browse the source code on Savannah's cgit instance.

patches and bug reports

Please send queries to the guile-user mailing list.

gna project page

We also have a page on savannah.