Why donate

GSL Shell is developed mainly by me, Francesco Abbate. The goal of this project is to develop an high quality free software for numerical computations and graphics. By high quality I mean:

  • lightweight, it should not require a ton of resources and take several minutes to start. Well written software can be small and the resources can be left to users for doing more useful things.
  • well designed, the interface should be designed so that it is simple to use but yet powerful and flexible to let you write complex functions with a compact syntax
  • efficient, most of the functions should be performed by using the computer resources in an optimal or near-optimal way
  • reliable, it should not crash or leak memory, quality before all as the most important parameter

If you believe that this project is interesting and you want to support its development, then please donate.

Paypal is the preferred way to donate and works for anyone no matter where they are from.

What feature you would like to add

If you donate you can also choose which feature should be implemented in GSL shell in the next development cycle. You can choose between the following items and communicate your choice to the author by email:

  • development of a full featured, openGL based, 3D graphics module
  • develoment of a Graphical User Interface module to generate easily user interface to interact with plots by using GSL Shell/Lua functions
  • developement of a most versatile plot class that allows to create customized axes labels and legends.
  • development of a postscript backend to generate image in PostScript or EPS format

You can express in your choice also a feature that is not listed here.

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