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GSL shell is an interactive command line interface that gives easy access to a collection of numeric algorithms and functions based on the GNU Scientific Library (GSL). GSL Shell is able to work with matrices or vectors to perform linear algebra operations.

GSL Shell is based on the outstanding Lua JIT compiler LuaJIT2. Thanks to LuaJIT2 the scripts defined with GSL Shell can run to at speed comparable to optimized C code.
Easy to use
Lua is a very interesting and easy to learn scripting language that features advanced functionalities like closures and metamethods. Lua is easy to learn and will give you the power of defining your own complex routines to use the GSL library more easily.
Fast numeric algorithms
GSL Shell has a special implementation of the algorithms for numerical integration, ODE integration and non-linear fit. These algorithms are able to run at the speed of native code even if the functions are defined using a simple dynamic language like Lua.
Plotting functions
You will be able also to create easily beautiful plots or animations using GSL Shell included graphical module.

GSL Shell is hosted at Savannah, here is the project page. GSL Shell comes with a complete user manual.

You can download the latest release of GSL Shell in the download section. You will find the source code and the binary packages for Windows and Linux.

2.3.1 release

GSL Shell 2.3.1 released.

This recond release after 2.3.0 improves the general data table module. It does include also several bugfixes so upgrading is recommended for all the users.

2.3.0 release

GSL Shell 2.3.0 released.

The new chapter about GDT tables is now complete with a lot of examples.

A lot of work was done to improve the linear model function to treat correctly the corner cases and degenerate models. A functions to initialize GDT tables have been improved for greater simplicity. The function to create histograms was also improved over the first implementation. A new, useful, interpolation function for GDT table is also introduced.

A new blog about GSL Shell, Physics and Mathematics

A new blog about GSL Shell but not only.

I'm beginning to post some interesting things about GSL Shell or Math in general in a blog at the address If you are interested in GSL Shell, maths or computer science you may find some interesting posts!

GSL Shell User Manual

GSL Shell comes with a quite complete user manual. If you want to learn more about GSL Shell you can read with the introduction to GSL Shell. You may also give a look to the examples section to get a feeling of GSL Shell.


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