The main author of GSL Shell is Francesco Abbate. He was so fearless that he learnt a completely undocumented library based on tons of C++ templates just to have nice looking plots. He jumped on the wagon of LuaJIT2 and throw away almost everything he did in two years of hard work to restart from zero with LuaJIT2 and the FFI interface.

The VEGAS algorithm implementation is from Lesley De Cruz. Since he joined the project the author feels less lonely and knows that the user base of GSL Shell is of at least two people (including the authors).

The new implementation of the Special Function and Eigensystem modules are from Benjamin von Ardenne. The author suspect it is a pseudonym of Lesley so that the author have the impression of having a huge user base (three users).

The smart auto-complete function is based on the work of Jesus Romero Hebrero. Desperate about the bad English of Francesco he is currently striving to learn Italian and works on an integrated editor in the spare time.

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