Part VI. XML-RPC - server

Table of Contents

AgsRegistry — remote control registry
AgsServer — Remote control server
Controller - providing context path
AgsController — base controller
AgsFrontController — handle all XMLRPC requests
AgsPluginController — provide abstract controller
Security - basic authentication
AgsAuthentication — base password authentication
AgsAuthenticationManager — Singleton pattern to organize authentication
AgsBusinessGroup — base group permissions
AgsBusinessGroupManager — Singleton pattern to organize business group
AgsCertificate — base password certificate
AgsCertificateManager — Singleton pattern to organize certificate
AgsPasswordStore — password storage
AgsPasswordStoreManager — Singleton pattern to organize password stores
AgsAuthSecurityContext — auth security context
AgsSecurityContext — current security context
AgsXmlAuthentication — authentication by XML file
AgsXmlBusinessGroup — password store by XML file
AgsXmlCertificate — certificate by XML file
AgsXmlPasswordStore — password store by XML file