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I. Library - Completion routines
AgsBufferUtil — buffer util
AgsComplex — Boxed type of complex
AgsConversion — abstract conversion
AgsEndian — dealing with endiannes
AgsMathUtil — math util
AgsFunction — Function to translate values
AgsSolverMatrix — solver matrix
AgsSolverVector — solver vector
AgsSolverPolynomial — solver polynomial
AgsLog — Log
AgsRegex — coding-neutral regex
AgsStringUtil — string util
AgsTime — utility functions of time
AgsTurtle — Terse RDF Triple Language
AgsTurtleManager — Singleton pattern to organize turtles
AgsUUID — Boxed type of uuid
II. Util - Helper functions
AgsDestroyUtil — destroy util
AgsIdGenerator — UUID util functions
AgsListUtil — list util
AgsSoundcardHelper — soundcard helper
III. Object - Interfaces and marshallers
AgsApplicable — unique access to applicable objects
AgsApplicationContext — The application context
AgsConfig — Config Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer
AgsPriority — Priority Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer
AgsConnectable — unique access to objects
AgsCountable — a counter interface
AgsCursor — unique access to cursor classes
AgsMainLoop — main loop interface
AgsMutable — unique access to recalls
AgsPlugin — interfacing plugins
AgsPortlet — interfacing portlets
AgsSeekable — unique access to seekable classes
AgsSequencer — unique access to sequencers
AgsSoundcard — unique access to soundcards
AgsSoundServer — access sound servers
AgsTactable — Unique tempo set or attributes access
IV. XML Input/Output - Persist project
AgsFile — read/write XML file
AgsFileIdRef — file id reference
AgsFileLink — link objects read of file.
AgsFileLookup — resolve objects read of file.
AgsFileLaunch — launch objects read of file.
V. Thread - Multi-threaded tree
AgsConcurrencyProvider — Concurrency provider interface
AgsDestroyWorker — destroy worker
AgsGenericMainLoop — generic loop
AgsMessageDelivery — Message delivery singleton
AgsMessageQueue — Message queue
AgsMessageEnvelope — message envelope
AgsReturnableThread — returnable thread
AgsTaskLauncher — Task launcher thread-safe context within tree
AgsTask — Thread-safe task
AgsTaskCompletion — task completion
AgsThread — Thread class with base frequency
AgsThreadApplicationContext — threaded application context
AgsThreadPool — thread pool
AgsTimestamp — Timestamp unix and alike
AgsWorkerThread — Worker thread class discarding base frequency
VI. XML-RPC - server
AgsRegistry — remote control registry
AgsServer — Remote control server
Controller - providing context path
AgsController — base controller
AgsFrontController — handle all XMLRPC requests
AgsPluginController — provide abstract controller
Security - basic authentication
AgsAuthentication — base password authentication
AgsAuthenticationManager — Singleton pattern to organize authentication
AgsBusinessGroup — base group permissions
AgsBusinessGroupManager — Singleton pattern to organize business group
AgsCertificate — base password certificate
AgsCertificateManager — Singleton pattern to organize certificate
AgsPasswordStore — password storage
AgsPasswordStoreManager — Singleton pattern to organize password stores
AgsAuthSecurityContext — auth security context
AgsSecurityContext — current security context
AgsXmlAuthentication — authentication by XML file
AgsXmlBusinessGroup — password store by XML file
AgsXmlCertificate — certificate by XML file
AgsXmlPasswordStore — password store by XML file
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