GNUstep Application Project

GNUstep, OpenStep and Objective-C Information

If you're interested in GNUstep and OpenStep, you'll probably want to start looking for more information on the Objective-C language, whose design underlies the form, and to a large extent, the philosophy of OpenStep.

Introductory Information

You can begin your search with the Apple MacOS X Developer Site. It has a wealth of information on OpenStep. Start with Object-Oriented Programming and the Objective-C Language. Read Discovering OPENSTEP. Look at the Foundation and AppKit APIs. Look at the GNUstep Documentation

Also look through the excellent articles produced by Stepwise:


The Objective-C Home Page.
A good history of Objective-C and comparison with other languages.
The book Object-Oriented Programming : An Evolutionary Approach
By Brad J. Cox and Andrew J. Novobilski. The page also has a interview with Brad Cox and other information.
Another version of the Objective-C Reference.
In quick, easy HTML format.
Objective C Book
in pdf format (Objective-C documentation)
The full OpenStep specification is here.
And provided for download in different formats (PostScript, HTMLPDF)
Original NeXTStep 3.3 Documentation.
With User Interface Guidelines.
GNUstep/Openstep information translated to French