FreePOOMA is a C++ library supporting element-wise, data-parallel, and stencil-based physics computations using one or more processors. The library automatically handles all interprocessor communication, obviating the need for any explicit communication code. The library supports high-level syntax close to mathematical or algorithmic syntax (like Fortran 95), easing the conversion from algorithms to code.

FreePOOMA is based on POOMA, originally developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in the Advanced Computing Laboratory (ACL) which was shut down. From there POOMA migrated via CodeSourcery, LLC, to Savannah where it is hosted now as FreePOOMA.

FreePOOMA is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Expat license. See LICENSE, LICENSE.pooma and LICENSE.pete for more information.


Notes on installing the FreePOOMA library are in the INSTALL file.

There is a tutorial available, but that is somewhat outdated.

Reference documentation can be created from the sources using the Doxygen ( tool. The FreePOOMA 2.4.1 reference can be browsed as HTML.

There are some hints on optimizing performance of your FreePOOMA based application. Especially the choice of the compiler can have a big impact on application speed.

If you want to contribute, go here for more information.


FreePOOMA is hosted at Savannah, the project homepage can be reached at Project downloads can be reached here. There is the freepooma-devel mailing list, where development of and with FreePOOMA is discussed. You will get help there, too. Bugs can be filed from within the bug-tracker at the project homepage.

The current release is FreePOOMA 2.4.1 which you can get from here. This release is based on, and should be compatible with the former POOMA 2.4.0 release as distributed from CodeSourcery, LLC.

To get read-only access to the FreePOOMA CVS repository, set the CVS_RSH environment variable to ssh and do

cvs -d co freepooma

For the webpages repository substitute webcvs for cvsroot in the above command. Related projects and packages are listed in the links section.

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