Free Bangla Fonts

Akaash (The Sky)
At present, we are working on the Akaash set of fonts. The current release is still in a beta stage and has a number of known bugs and issues. If you download the font, please read the README & BUGS files and then please report any unknown bugs to our mailing lists.
The Akaash font can be downloaded from the download page.
We are also hosting the Ani set of fonts created by Dr. Anirban Mitra.
The Ani font can be downloaded from the download page.
Mr. Deepayan Sarkar has developed a Bengali OpenType™ Font Likhan.
Likhan can be downloaded from the download page.
Mukti (Freedom)
One of the best fonts in our project is the Mukti Narrow set of fonts also developed by Dr. Anirban Mitra.
You can download a tarball containing the Bold and Normal versions of the font from the download page.

Installing the Fonts on Your System

There is a mini font howto provided in the Ankur Bangla project website which explains the steps required in installing our fonts on your GNU/Linux system.

Alternately, if you are using a Debian or Ubuntu system, you can install our fonts easily by issuing this command from your console --
$ sudo apt-get install ttf-bengali-fonts
This will automatically install all our fonts in addition to a few more Bangla fonts.