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first official release of francine

After a very long time we moved over to savannah for sourceforge doesn't support our ideas about free software and a free community anymore. Due to this move I have found at least the motivation to update the page and tidied it's source - every page should both pass the HTML and CSS validator (if everyone would care...). On the other hand, I finally added two themes for you to download at the artwork page - I hope you like 'em. I will be adding screenshots of them all, please stand by. This is just the first upload.
first official release of francine

After working hard in the very beginning, then not doing anything for quite a long time, and then finishing work in April, we finally release the first official version of francine (version 0.99.8). You can grab it from the software page or from freshmeat.net.
first theme available for download

Well, the title for this entry says it all. Just go to the artwork page and get it from there. More are to come, but this is the first start. We wish you a merry xmas!
new design for the website

Yes, this is the new design for the francine website. I hope you like it at least a litte bit :-) More to come.
source split from fancylogin

Welcome to francine. What francine is, you might ask. Well, take a look at the about page to get a better idea about that. In short is is a splitted development of the fancylogin project maintained by Richard Bergmair. It was done due to some technical and personal differences between the two main maintainers, but I don't want to annoy you with those details. Please wait for some weeks to be able to make a decision - the projects are still too close to each other to see any noteable difference...
project registered at sourceforge

Today the project was registered at the sourceforge crew. Thanks to them for the fast response and that this has been set up so quick, easily and without any problems. Thanks a lot!
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