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Python source I hope you know what IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is, because if you don't, there is no need for this program. IRC in short: you connect to a server, join a channel and chat. But the real IRC is much more: clans, administration, files and much more. If you haven't much time to administrate you channel, so you need a bot (from the word robot), but don't think of a bot like a computer playeron your favorite shooting-game, it's more like a servant, who does all the stuff you don't want to care off. Maybe you know the eggdrop bot, these nonplusultra bot written in Tcl (speak: Tickle), which seems to be very powerful, but I don't know how to get it do what I do.
Features So, what does ePyCycle can, what makes it better than other bots? Simply: nothing special for now: it's developed by one man, badly tested and every release is very changed. But its possible that you need something like that. Sorry, the work on it is very slowly, cause I also have to go to school.
  • autogreet
  • max users on channel counter
  • me command (known from /me in your client)
  • say comnmand
  • user flags
  • logging (no channel logging)
RequirementsYou need to have the Python interpreter (aka CPython ;), in a version highter then 2.2 cause the developer used "True" and "False" in the code: if you want to replace "True" by "1" and "False" by "0" it would probably run also on older versions. The script is developed on Python 2.3, and if you have Python 2.2 and it doesn't run let me know, I'll fix it.
ConnectivityYou can catch the developers either on the Dev&Mod Forum, via eMail, or on jabber with the JID leonidas@amessage.de
ImpressumWritten by Marek Kubica, the developer.
Last update on 13.10.2003
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