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AC.12 Moving Over Subdirectories

When a Dired buffer lists subdirectories, you can use the page motion commands C-x [ and C-x ] to move by entire directories (@pxref{Pages}).

The following commands move across, up and down in the tree of directories within one Dired buffer. They move to directory header lines, which are the lines that give a directory's name, at the beginning of the directory's contents.


Go to next subdirectory header line, regardless of level (dired-next-subdir).


Go to previous subdirectory header line, regardless of level (dired-prev-subdir).


Go up to the parent directory's header line (dired-tree-up).


Go down in the directory tree, to the first subdirectory's header line (dired-tree-down).


Move up to the previous directory-file line (dired-prev-dirline). These lines are the ones that describe a directory as a file in its parent directory.


Move down to the next directory-file line (dired-prev-dirline).

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