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DareDevils Package Page

Compiling the package for Linux / BeOS / Other Unixes

You need to download the source package either in the gzip format [1.4Mo] or in the bzip format [1.3Mo].
The more adventurous can try the bleeding-edge current release [1.5Mo] instead.
Once the download is finished type the following commands in a shell :
$ gzip -d -c daredevils-0.0.8.tar.gz | tar xv
followed by a :
$ cd daredevils-0.0.8/
and the best sequence to install a program from source on any platform :
$ ./configure or if you run BeOS : $ ./configure --disable-sdl-sound
$ make
[Make coffee, choose good music, write shopping list, drink coffee]
$ su
type root password
# make install
# exit
and launch the game :
$ daredevils
And you sould see the game run ( if not, you should send us a bug report ;).

Getting the RPM package for Linux RPM systems

You need to download this RPM file [1.1Mo].
Then as root :
$ rpm -i daredevils-0.0.8-0.i586.rpm

Getting the package for Windows

We do not advise you to compile the package if you run windows.
Instead, get the compiled package in this zip file [1.1Mo].

Getting old versions, just for a laugh

All past, present and future versions of the game are kept there