Colibri conference management system
Colibrí is a web based tool to help scientific conferences/workshops organizers.
Papers submitted to conferences have to be reviewed and selected by a group of researcher (the Tecnical Program Committee - TPC as acronym) under the control of one or more TPC chairs.
Every conference has its own rules, but in general the following steps are mandatory:
  1. Authors submit papers
  2. The TPC chair distributes submitted papers to TPC members (usually 3) that are able to review them
  3. Every TPC member reviews its assigned papers, assigning some of them to colleagues that are closer to the paper subject
  4. The TPC, after all the needed reviews have been completed, choses the papers that received best reviews in order to be published
  5. All the authors are informed about the status of their papers
Often a conference is divided in many tracks, each focusing on different topics, and each with a Track chair.
There are many tools that help with all the previous tasks (see the Links section for the list of those that I know).
Colibrí was created with the aim to be a small, portable, efficient and flexible tool to help all the person involved in the submission/reviewing process: from authors to TPC chair.

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