This is a DTD for Microsoft's HTML Help collection definition files.

This DTD is part of the HTML Help (HH) (Preliminary) Unofficial Specification
Which is available at: http://www.nongnu.org/chmspec/latest/

FIXME: Public identifier:
	PUBLIC "-//Pabs//DTD COL 2003????//EN"

URI for the DTD

Copyright (c) 2002, 2003 Paul Wise et al., All Rights Reserved.
Licenced under the GNU GPL.

<!ELEMENT XML - - (HTMLHelpCollection)* >
<!ELEMENT HTMLHelpCollection - - (masterchm|masterlangid|samplelocation|collectionnum|refcount|version|Folders)* >
<!ELEMENT (masterchm|masterlangid|samplelocation|collectionnum|refcount|version|TitleString|FolderOrderLangId) EMPTY >
<!ELEMENT Folders Folder >
<!ELEMENT Folder (TitleString FolderOrder (Folder*|LangId) >

<!ATTLIST (XML|HTMLHelpCollection|Folders|Folder) >
<!ATTLIST (masterchm|samplelocation|TitleString) value CDATA >
<!ATTLIST (masterlangid|collectionnum|refcount|version|FolderOrder|LangId) value NUMBER >