Chapter 6. Miscellaneous

Table of Contents

6.1. GUIDs
6.1.1. Preface
6.1.2. {5D02926A-212E-11D0-9DF9-00A0C922E6EC}
6.1.3. {4662DAAF-D393-11D0-9A56-00C04FB68BF7}
6.1.4. {4662DAB0-D393-11D0-9A56-00C04FB68B66}
6.1.5. {8FA0D5A8-DEDF-11D0-9A61-00C04FB68BF7}


6.1. GUIDs

6.1.1. Preface

This section deals with the registry data associated with GUIDs that are part of the CHM system. To verify the details & check unknown GUIDs you will need access to the registry.

If your admin doesn't let you use either of the registry editors then you can just edit them using a hex editor. Create a copy of either editor and replace DisableRegistryTools with something of equal length like FuckMicro$oftSuxShit using a hex editor. Note that might be in Unicode. If you do this remember to search for the following GUIDs. Alternatively if regedit.exe is executable you can just dump the whole registry with regedit /a dump.reg HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT for example.

The following GUIDs are not present in the Windows registry. If you do see them please send in a .reg file.

{7C01FD10-7BAA-11D0-9E0C-00A0C922E6EC} and {7C01FD11-7BAA-11D0-9E0C-00A0C922E6EC} are present in the ITSF initial header. {7FC28940-9D31-11D0-9B27-00A0C91E9C7C} is present as part of a filename in the ITSF directory.

The following GUIDs are present in the Windows registry under HKCR\CLSID. If yours are any different please send in the differences.

6.1.2. {5D02926A-212E-11D0-9DF9-00A0C922E6EC}

From: ITSF directory header.
Description: Microsoft InfoTech IStorage System
InprocServer32: ITSS.DLL
ThreadingModel: Both
VersionIndependentProgID: MSITFS

6.1.3. {4662DAAF-D393-11D0-9A56-00C04FB68BF7}

From: $OBJINST internal file.
InprocServer32: ITIRCL.DLL
ThreadingModel: Both
VersionIndependentProgID: ITIR.StdWordBreaker
ProgID: ITIR.StdWordBreaker.4

6.1.4. {4662DAB0-D393-11D0-9A56-00C04FB68B66}

From: $OBJINST internal file.
InprocServer32: HHCTRL.OCX
ThreadingModel: Both
VersionIndependentProgID: HHCtrl.SystemSort
ProgID: HHCtrl.SystemSort.666

6.1.5. {8FA0D5A8-DEDF-11D0-9A61-00C04FB68BF7}

From: $OBJINST internal file.
InprocServer32: ITIRCL.DLL
ThreadingModel: Both
VersionIndependentProgID: ITIR.EngStemmer
ProgID: ITIR.EngStemmer.4