Chapter 3. HTML Help features

Table of Contents

3.1. Preface
3.2. Menu
3.3. Toolbar
3.4. Navigation pane
3.4.1. Index
3.4.2. Search
3.4.3. Favourites
3.4.4. Custom tabs
3.5. Information types
3.6. Text popups
3.7. Context-sensitive help
3.8. Subsets
3.9. Samples
3.10. Merged help
3.10.1. Collections
3.10.2. Merge Files

3.1. Preface

Many of the features of HH are incomplete in v1.x and it was hoped that the new Help 2 system (which was to be expected in 2003, but was cancelled to allow development of the help system for Longhorn - aka TrésHelp) would provide the complete versions of these features, allowing for a richer documentation system, but alas Windows developers are stuck with HH until at least 2005.