BomberMaze supports themes, allowing you to customize the appearance of the tiles and sprites ingame.

Installing themes

You can install themes in two ways:

The new themes will be available the next time you start up BomberMaze.

To uninstall a theme, simply delete its directory.

Themes for download

Theme Preview Download Author Updated Comment
classicbman [classicbman theme] (222053 bytes) Vincent Wong 2001-07-31 Classic Bomberman theme
gnomed [gnomed theme] (108893 bytes) Mathieu Roy 2000-10-28 A theme based on the appearance of the standard Gnome icons.
Note that this theme is included with bombermaze 0.6.4, so if you have 0.6.4, you do not need to download this.
icons3d [icons3d theme] (71682 bytes) Nicholas Curran 2001-01-21 A theme that uses 3D-rendered game objects that were created in POV-Ray.
space [space theme] (88357 bytes) Nicholas Curran 2001-01-27 Use your spaceship to blast your way through hordes of satellites and around planets.
stickdeath [stickdeath theme] (115714 bytes) Nicholas Curran 2001-07-12 An idea based on animations seen at

This theme was entirely created in the Gimp.
IceRocks [IceRocks theme] (113930 bytes) Matej Rokos 2004-02-08 A cold icy theme. Created in The GIMP using Icons3d and the classic theme as a template..

Alternate title screen

Nicholas Curran, author of the icons3d theme, has also created a larger title screen. To use it, replace the file title.png in your INSTALL_DIRECTORY/share/bombermaze/pixmaps directory.

Note: this file has been updated as of 2001 January 27. If you had downloaded it before this date, you wish to do so again to get the new version. The new image is slightly different.

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