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About us

Trevor Brown <trevor AT brownfamily DOT homedns DOT org> (admin)

I took the project out of retirement in November of 2006, and am the current project administrator. I recently finished school at Brigham Young University, earning a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics.

Double 12 <double12.linux AT gmail DOT com> (developer)

I am living in The Netherlands and joined the Beaver project in May 2008.

Tobias Heinzen (developer)

I joined the Beaver project in May 2008.

Leslie Polzer <retired> <leslie.polzer AT gmx DOT net>

I am a soon-to-be university student who joined the team shortly after Michael. I also work on some other open-source projects but currently have no live homepage.

Michael Terry <retired> <mike AT mterry DOT name>

I began working on Beaver after Ender and After stopped. I also work on some other open source projects.

Marc Bevand <retired>
Emmanuel Turquin <retired>

These fine guys were mainly responsible for the 0.2 branch where Beaver served them as a university project at the french CS school EPITA. They have moved on to other things now.

Damien Terrier <retired>

The person who started work on Beaver, also on EPITA.
Related Sites
Some interesting links related to our project:
  • GTK+ Homepage
  • UltraEdit
  • Geany (rather ironically, Double 12 used this nice editor to work on Beaver)

  • Copyright © 2000 Ender & R.T, 2003 Leslie Polzer, 2007 Trevor Brown