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About Beaver

What is Beaver? Beaver is a recursive acronym for Beaver is an Early AdVanced EditoR. It is intended for Linux and other Unices (even Windows eventually). It is licensed under the GNU GPL v.2 and intended to be lightweight, but full of useful features for programming, from website editing to coding. It is based upon the GTK+ 2 toolkit, supports many languages through config files and offers functions such as automatic indentation, completion and correction, as well as syntax highlighting. It even has its own mini macro language. Please see the menu on the left for more information. If you are interested in the development of Beaver, made a patch or want to report a bug, please subscribe to the main mailinglist beaver-devel at nongnu dot org.

Why choose Beaver? We hear this question often, but actually there are quite a lot of reasons to choose Beaver:

  1. Beaver fights bloat. Beaver is committed to the idea of lean and powerful software. Why should an editor be fat and slow if it could also be lightweight and fast? Our source is written entirely in C to maintain the smallest footprint possible. We are committed to the small and micro distribution community.
  2. Beaver has staying power. To date it has survived two different administrative change-overs, and it remains the text-editor of choice in some of the world's smallest Linux distributions.
  3. Beaver is flexible. Features like syntax highlighting for several languages (C/C++, Html, Perl, Bash, Javascript, Java2, PHP, Python), baseline converter, a color picker and many more! Everything you expect from an advanced editor, while still being lightweight.
  4. Beaver is a small project. This may not seem like an advantage at first, but think about it. Suppose for a moment that you're using Beaver and you think to yourself "wouldn't it be nice if Beaver could do...". Do you really think that a large editor project is going to pay any attention to your feature request? There are probably hundreds of suggestions every day, and the project is simply too big to pay any real attention to them. With Beaver it's different. There is just a small development team and we love new ideas.
Version released!

We are announcing the availability of the release. This release is a general bugfix release based on the former 0.3.0 codebase. The primary changes for this release are:

  • compiling - Beaver actually compiles now
  • stability - Far fewer segmentation faults
  • scaled back - Some features have been removed or limited to decrease the memory footprint
  • and as a bonus, Beaver also has Python syntax highlighting now!

You can download this release through our Downloads page.

<Aelthwin> 2008-06-26

New versions

Hi, I'm Double 12, a new developer here at the Beaver project. We're planning to release a totally new version of Beaver in the future, using new GTK-functions and including several new features. It will be based on Beaver 0.3.0, so there's no need for our users to install GtkSourceView as dependency.

In the very near future, we are hoping to release a 0.3.0 bugfix release, replacing the current 0.3.0 and 0.3.1 releases, that cause segmentation faults on most systems. The 0.3.0 bugfix release won't introduce many new features. It will mainly fix the segmentation faults, so everyone is able to get to know the 0.3 branch.

By the way, Beaver now also has an IRC channel! #beaver-project on

<Double 12> 2008-05-25

Looking for developers

If you would like to be a part of a legendary (at least in the micro-distro world) text-editor project, contact Aelthwin (Trevor) on trevor at brownfamily dot homedns dot org. I'm still working on a roadmap, standardizing the coding style, and documenting the code-base. If you have any neat ideas you want to try, this might be the place to do it!

<Trevor> 2007-03-20

Beaver revived

After three years of latency, Beaver is being revived. Look here for updates to the code-base, news, and other updates. A new roadmap for the project has been started, and we're looking for developers.

<Trevor> 2006-11-22

Version 0.2.7 released

This is a bugfix release of the stable (old) branch, made by Ender.
Get it on the download page.

<Leslie> 2003-06-01

Version 0.3.1 released

This release features new syntax highlighting with GtkSourceView, line numbers, variable tab width and better Gnome HIG compliance as well as some minor fixes. Download it here.

<Leslie> 2003-06-01

New maintainers, new branch, and new hosts

Hello everybody. My name is Michael Terry and I have taken over the development of the Beaver project. Another developer, Leslie Polzer, will soon join the team.

To get the ball rolling, I have released a new version, 0.3.0. The main goal of this release was to update the code to GTK+ 2 and to update the interface to follow the GNOME HIG. In addition, I rewrote the syntax highlighting engine (unfortunately, it's a bit slow right now). There is a lot of new code in this release, and it probably won't work right. So, I'm going to label the 0.3.0 branch an unstable branch. Use it with caution, and please let us know of any bugs.

Also, we are now hosted by the Free Software Foundation, where this website is now located.

<Michael> 2003-03-08

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