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is a framework designed to help the development of free graphical 2D games for GNU/Linux systems.

The Weaver Framework is formed by the Weaver API, that implements a lot of useful functions for game developers in C. It also countains the Weaver Script responsible for creating new game projects, generate basic code and Makefiles automaticly.

If you wish to talk with Weaver creator, you can send an e-mail to harry (AT) bitbitbit (DOT) com (DOT) br .


Last release: 2013, first equinox (March 20).

Select your favorite format:

WEAVER 0.2 DOWNLOAD (.deb Package) WEAVER 0.2 DOWNLOAD (.tar.bz2 format)

You can also get the development version obtaining the git repository:

git clone git://git.savannah.nongnu.org/weaver.git

You can also visit the Weaver's Savannah Page to report bugs, ask for new features or join the development team.

Getting Support

Are you having problems to use the framework? You don't understand how to use some feature? You can write a new support request HERE. You also can browse other support requests HERE to see if a request similar to yours was already answered.

Another place to talk about the framework, it's usage an techniques is the Weaver Mailing List.


How To Install Weaver
Understanding Weaver Directories
Understanding Weaver Empty Game
How To Make a Bouncing Ball
How to Program a Pong Game for Linux using Weaver
Howto Make a Vector Game
How to Program a Spacewar! game for Linux using Weaver

Weaver Reference Guide

Some Weaver Games

Alien Pong

invasion This is a Pong Clone with a spatial theme. The paddles are controlled by the Shift and Ctrl buttons. You can exit the game with the Esc button.



invasion This program shows monsters trying to attack a village. The player can build mazes trying to confuse the monsters, but they always find the shortest path to invade the village.

This is an educative program showing the Breadth-first search algorithm. It was used in a fair in Federal University of Paraná to talk about Computer Science to High School students.

This program is distributed with Weaver in the "examples" directory.


spacewar This is a clone of Spacewar!, the first computer game made in 1961 for the DEC PDP-1. In this game, 2 spaceships duels in the orbit of a star.


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