13.7 Skribilo User Manual — Info Engine
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The info engine produces GNU Info files for on-line browsing with GNU Emacs or with the stand-alone Info reader of GNU Texinfo.

For each chapter, section, etc., an Info node is created, whose name is inferred from the :title option. However, Info node names have to be unique, which the :title options are not necessarily. Thus, the Info engine does two things:

  1. It warns you about duplicate Info node titles.
  2. It allows you to choose a different node name to avoid conflicts, using the :info-node option of chapter, etc.
Most markups shown in Chapter 3 are meaningfully rendered in Info, including tables. The image markup is also implemented: the Info reader in Emacs 23 and later is able to display them, or to display the alternate text (the body of the image markup) when running in text mode.

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