13.4 Skribilo User Manual — LaTeX Engine
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Not surprisingly, the LaTeX engine produces LaTeX output, which can then be used to produce high-quality PostScript of PDF files for printing.

13.4.1 LaTeX Customization

documentclass default: "\\documentclass{article}" A string declaring the LaTeX document class.
encoding default: "UTF-8" The encoding of the output document1.
class-has-chapters? default: #f A boolean indicating whether the document class has a chapter markup. If #f, then Skribilo's chapter is mapped to LaTeX' section, and so on.
usepackage default: "\\usepackage{epsfig}\n" The boolean #f if no package is used or a string declaring The LaTeX packages.
predocument default: "\\newdimen\\oldframetabcolsep\n\\newdimen\\oldcolortabcolsep\n\\newdimen\\oldpretabcolsep\n" The boolean #f or a string to be written before the \begin{document} statement.
postdocument default: #f The boolean #f or a string to be written after the \begin{document} statement.
maketitle default: "\\date{}\n\\maketitle" The boolean #f or a string to be written after the \begin{document} statement for emitting the document title.
color default: #t Enable/disable colors.
%font-size default: 0
source-color default: #t A boolean enabling/disabling color of source code (see source markup).
source-comment-color default: "#ffa600" The source comment color.
source-error-color default: "red" The source error color.
source-define-color default: "#6959cf" The source define color.
source-module-color default: "#1919af" The source module color.
source-markup-color default: "#1919af" The source markup color.
source-thread-color default: "#ad4386" The source thread color.
source-string-color default: "red" The source string color.
source-bracket-color default: "red" The source bracket color.
source-type-color default: "#00cf00" The source type color.
color-usepackage default: "\\usepackage{color}\n" The LaTeX package for coloring.
hyperref default: #t Enables/disables hypererrf.
hyperref-usepackage default: "\\usepackage[setpagesize=false]{hyperref}\n" The LaTeX package for hyperref.
image-format default: ("eps") The image formats for this engine.
index-page-ref default: #t Indexes use page references.

13.4.2 LaTeX Document Class

The default setting of the Skribilo LaTeX engine is to produce a document using the article document class. In order to produce a document that uses a document class defining the chapter command (unlike the article class), the engine must be customized. Changing this setting can be done with expressions such as:

1This option is supported when Guile 2.0+ is being used.
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