Documentation SDX

SDX (System for Documents in XML) is an open source software which allows to retrieve and display XML documents. This Java platform is implemented on a servlet engine, either after compilation or as a deployable Web application (sdx.war). When the server has been restarted, the {$host}/sdx URL directs you to administration tasks.

This documentation will make you familiar with this platform, download and install it, migrate applications from SDX version 1 and provides you with references on all functionalities and configuration possibilities. Technical documentation of Java sources is available as well, in Javadocs format.

This documentation has not been fully completed, it is updated and improved on regular basis though. Please provide comments and remarks on the sdx-users user list

Auteurs : Martin Sévigny ( AJLSM ) ; Frédéric Glorieux ( AJLSM ) - 2002/11/07