Package fr.gouv.culture.sdx.utils.database

Simple database abstraction.


Interface Summary
Database A simple database abstraction for managing document-like simple data.

Class Summary
AbstractDatabase An abstract representation of a database
AbstractJDBCDatabase Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
DatabaseEntity An entity from a _database, basically a list of properties.
LuceneDatabase An implementation of database operations using Lucene.
MSSQLDatabase Created by Mobydoc.
ORACLEDatabase An Oracle implementation of the SDX Database interface.
POSTGRESQLDatabase Created by gVim User: Pierre Dittgen Date: 2 nov 2004
Property An entity's property in SDX simple database abstraction.

Package fr.gouv.culture.sdx.utils.database Description

Simple database abstraction.

The database package contains interfaces and classes that implement a simple concept of database : each entity stored in the database is identified by an id and has properties. A property is a name and one or more values. Only string values are supported.

SDX provides one implementation of such a database using the Lucene search engine. Other implementations could be provided later on, using a RDBMS or XML:DB databases for example.

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