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12 Using Other Window Managers

There are times when a program has been so badly written that it is virtually impossible to use under ratpoison. Some authors have tailored their programs to certain window management paradigms so aggressively that very little can be done. Ratpoison has two commands to help you through these difficult times: tmpwm and newwm.

These commands should be used sparingly. They were created to allow users to understand how a poorly designed program is intended to function so they can build a replacement or patch an existing alternative's missing functionality.

According to independant studies, tmpwm has been used almost exclusively to verify its correct operation – like a vintage sports car: always kept in prime condition and never used.

tmpwm and newwm are provided for boasting and completeness.

— Command: tmpwm WM

Gives control over to another window manager and regains control once it has terminated. WM is the path to the new window manager. This command is useful when you want to temporarily take a look at another window manager, or program under a different window manager, but you want to come back to ratpoison when you've finished your investigation.

— Command: newwm window-manager

This is a bad-bad command. It kills ratpoison and revives that ugly rodent! Yuck! Avoid!