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16 Startup file

Now you've probably read the web page, and you've no doubt dug up some old file I forgot about. You're probably wondering, “say, didn't he say there was no configuration file to customize?”. Okay, ya got me. But let's be honest here: ratpoison is so pure and fast-acting, customization is barely worth the extra effort. In the off chance that you need to make ratpoison your own, we now support it.

On startup ratpoison looks for ~/.ratpoisonrc and runs it through the command parser. If ~/.ratpoisonrc does not exist, ratpoison tries /etc/ratpoisonrc. This means any command you can bind a key to or run at the command prompt (C-t :) you can execute in this rc file.

You can also use the -f option to specify another startup file, allowing you to switch between different configurations (see Command Line Arguments).

— Command: set startupmessage n

Turn on or off the startup_message. This is most useful in your .ratpoisonrc file. n can be 1 (default) or 0.

When called with no arguments, the current setting is returned.