qwe-mode show qwe-0.9.5
qwe-mode-00 : Source file 'qwe.el', implementing qwe-mode; raw view, just ASCII; 'qwe-mode' not yet activated qwe-mode-01 : 'qwe-mode' minor mode activated; what a change!!

qwe-mode-02 : QWE elements can be shown as labels, in case you get confused between QWE lines and code
qwe-mode-03 : Format text and links can also be shown in QWE mode to help users write the document

QWEB show qwe-0.9.5
QWEB-00 : The mandatory Hello World example written in C++; please see how easy (and elegant) is to define a QWEB block; 'main' is the starting QWEB block, unless changed by user configuration QWEB-01 : The example includes instructions; simply use the links to generate de source code, compile and execute the program (could be easier?); note the presence of $(VARIABLES)

QWEB-02 : Generated file from QWEB document; compile and run it as usual; note that variable substitution took place while the QWEB blocks where substituted
QWEB-03 : QWEB is able to detect recursion and loops between blocks; the screenshot shows all errors detected