Quagga Routing Suite

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Source Code

Source code for Quagga is kept in a git repository named "quagga.git", which can be accessed via:

You will need recent versions of the GNU auto* tools to build from the git tree. Run "update-autotools" to generate the neccessary build files, including the configure script.


Continuous integration is carried out by the Quagga buildbot.

Submitting patches

Bug fixes, features and patches in general are most welcome. Please send them to the Quagga development list (note you will need to subscribe first). The maintainers are can be contacted either via the lists or at maintainers@quagga.net. The lists are the preferred contact point for general issues/topics, please only email the maintainer address for issues which *must* remain private. Please see the "contact us" page for further details on communicating with the maintainers.

Please read the HACKING document (PDF) and bear it in mind when submitting patches. Some of the more immediately relevant points are covered below.

Note that the preferred form for patches is in unified context diff format, as produced by:

	diff -upwb

Please make patches relative to the top level directory, or above. Extra brownie points will be given to those whose patches also update ChangeLog file(s) with appropriate messages detailling the changes made (ie same style as the commit logs, see the commit list for examples).

The preferred style for code is, in most cases, GNU style, with tabs set to two white spaces, ie the same style as that which:

	indent -nut

will format code to. For historical reasons, much of the code does not conform to this style, at least with respect to indentation. However, please try to minise whitespace changes in patches (see the -wb arguments to diff, as in the examples above).

If you submit a patch and do not receive a response, please try again. Mails can be missed, people can be busy. Ie it's best to consider email a lossy medium - implement your own delivery and flow control on top of it.