Support tracker

If you need help with the installation or use of pyFormex, or if you want to discuss existing features or request new ones, the best way is to use the pyFormex Support tracker.

Bug tracker

If you run into a problem that looks like a malfunction or a bug in pyFormex, you can report it on the Bug tracker.

User meeting

A number of pyFormex users and developers at IBiTech-biommeda have taken the initiative to gather at regular intervals to discuss the use and future development of pyFormex.

These meetings are held approximately monthly at the IBiTech, Ghent University institute and are announced approximately one week by advance on this website. All pyFormex users are welcome. The minutes of the previous meetings are available from our FTP Site.

Professional support

Or you can hire professional support from a young startup company: FEops. They provide professional engineering services using pyFormex (e.g. creating customized pyFormex scripts and/or models) and also offer training and support for pyFormex.