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73. flatkeydb — Flat Text File Database.

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75. timer — A timer class.

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74. sendmail — a simple program to send an email message

(C) 2008 Benedict Verhegghe ( I wrote this software in my free time, for my joy, not as a commissioned task. Any copyright claims made by my employer should therefore be considered void.

Distributed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 or later

Classes defined in module sendmail

Functions defined in module sendmail

sendmail.message(sender='', to='', cc='', subject='', text='')

Create an email message

‘to’ and ‘cc’ can be lists of email addresses.

sendmail.sendmail(message, sender, to, serverURL='localhost')

Send an email message

‘message’ is an email message (e.g. returned by message()) ‘sender’ is a single mail address ‘to’ can be a list of addresses