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46. isopar — Isoparametric transformations

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48. lima — Lindenmayer Systems

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47. isosurface — Isosurface: surface reconstruction algorithms

This module contains the marching cube algorithm.

Some of the code is based on the example by Paul Bourke from

Classes defined in module isosurface

Functions defined in module isosurface

isosurface.isosurface(data, level, nproc=-1)

Create an isosurface through data at given level.

  • data: (nx,ny,nz) shaped array of data values at points with coordinates equal to their indices. This defines a 3D volume [0,nx-1], [0,ny-1], [0,nz-1]
  • level: data value at which the isosurface is to be constructed
  • nproc: number of parallel processes to use. On multiprocessor machines this may be used to speed up the processing. If <= 0 , the number of processes will be set equal to the number of processors, to achieve a maximal speedup.

Returns an (ntr,3,3) array defining the triangles of the isosurface. The result may be empty (if level is outside the data range).