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70. odict — Specialized dictionary type structures.

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72. config — A general yet simple configuration class.

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71. collection — Tools for handling collections of elements belonging to multiple parts.

This module defines the Collection class.

Classes defined in module collection

class collection.Collection(object_type=None)

A collection is a set of (int,int) tuples.

The first part of the tuple has a limited number of values and are used as the keys in a dict. The second part can have a lot of different values and is implemented as an integer array with unique values. This is e.g. used to identify a set of individual parts of one or more OpenGL actors.

add(data, key=-1)

Add new data to the collection.

data can be a 2d array with (key,val) tuples or a 1-d array of values. In the latter case, the key has to be specified separately, or a default value will be used.

data can also be another Collection, if it has the same object typ.

set(data, key=-1)

Set the collection to the specified data.

This is equivalent to clearing the corresponding keys before adding.

remove(data, key=-1)

Remove data from the collection.


Check whether the collection has an entry for the key.

get(key, default=[])

Return item with given key or default.


Return a sorted array with the keys


Return a zipped list of keys and values.

Functions defined in module collection