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34. cameratools — Camera tools

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36. ccxinp

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35. ccxdat

Classes defined in module ccxdat

Functions defined in module ccxdat

ccxdat.readDispl(fil, nnodes, nres)

Read displacements from a Calculix .dat file

ccxdat.readStress(fil, nelems, ngp, nres)

Read stresses from a Calculix .dat file

ccxdat.readResults(fn, DB, nnodes, nelems, ngp)

Read Calculix results file for nnodes, nelems, ngp

Add results to the specified DB


Create a results database for the given FE model

ccxdat.addFeResult(DB, step, time, result)

Add an FeResult for a time step to the result DB

This is currently 2D only

ccxdat.computeAveragedNodalStresses(M, data, gprule)

Compute averaged nodal stresses from GP stresses in 2D quad8 mesh