@parse tag

This tag triggers parsing of one or more header files.

Project header files that must be parsed may either be passed on the command line or specified using this tag from the plain documentation.

Multiple files may be specified with a single @parse tag, all files will be considered for parsing of declarations but processing order may be changed to satisfy include dependencies between files.

When a file that has not been parsed before and which is not specified here is encountered in an #include directive, the file will be searched by the preprocessor for macros to expand but declarations won't be taken into account; that's why splitting a single @parse tag into multiple such tags may not yield the same result.

The file extension is used to select the appropriate parser; this can be overridden by specifying an other file extension string (hh, mkdoclib, tag, ...).

Syntax [link] 

@parse [:file_ext] file_name1 [file_name2 ...] <end of line>
@parse [:file_ext] { file_name1 [file_name2 ...] }
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