@moduledef tag

This tag defines a new module with given name and starts a special group which contains documentation for the new module. An @end moduledef tag must be used to end module documentation.

The special group may contain plain documentation tags and some code documentation tags to describe the module.

Module definitions may be nested.

See also @module tag.

Syntax [link] 

@moduledef {<Module name>} [{<Parent module name>}]
<module doc>
@end moduledef

Examples [link] 

Simple module declaration in modules.mkdoc file:

@moduledef {Foo}
@short The Foo module
This modules ....
@end moduledef

A good way to segment project documentation is to use hidden modules:

@moduledef {first_part}
@end moduledef

@moduledef {second_part}
@end moduledef

Code documentation sections can then be inserted separately in plain documentation for symbols associated with the two modules:

@insert {namespace,header,cxxstruct,class} {+first_part} all_compound_sections
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