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1.5 Header Files and Name Spaces

The interface definitions of classes, data types, and security parameters2 are provided by the central header file libTMCG.hh. You have to include this file in all of your sources, either directly or through some other included file. Thus often you will simply write:

#include <libTMCG.hh>

There are no uniform C++ name spaces for the most parts of the library. Some classes and data types have the common prefix TMCG_* resp. VTMF_* while others are composed of the author names and an abbreviation of the title from the related research paper. Further there are some function names and types that are prepended by tmcg_*. Those interfaces should be used with care, because later they may be removed or replaced.



Some security parameters are fixed at compile time of LibTMCG. Please don’t change anything unless you know exactly what you are doing! Beside the apparent security concerns you will probably break the compatibility with other applications using LibTMCG.