5 API documentation

All QtLua libray symbols are located in the QtLua namespace.

Modules list  

BaseLua base classes
Container proxiesLua / Qt containers wrapper classes
Model/ViewLua / Qt model view hierarchic data structure classes

Classes list  

Base module  

ConsoleQt console widget
DispatchProxyExpose multiple UserData objects as a single composite object.
FunctionFunctions like objects base class
IteratorLua iterator base class
ValueBase::ListList of Value objects used for arguments and return values.
MetaTypeRegister Lua to Qt meta types conversion functions
PluginQtLua plugin class
PluginInterfaceQtLua plugin interface
RefSmart pointer with reference counter.
RefobjReferenced objects template base class
StateLua interpreter state wrapper class
StringCharacter string class
UserDataLua userdata objects base class
UserObjectLua userdata objects with properties
ValueLua values wrapper class
ValueRefLua value reference object class
ValueBase::const_iteratorValue const iterator class.
ValueBase::iteratorValue iterator class.

Model/View module  

ItemViewDialogQt Model/View dialog
LuaModelQt Model/View lua model wrapper
TableGridModelQt Model/View lua table grid model class
TableTreeModelQt Model/View lua table model class
UserItemQt Model/View item class
UserItemModelQt Model/View userdata items based model
UserItemSelectionModelQt Model/View exclusive selection model class
UserListItemQt Model/View list item class

Container proxies module  

ArrayProxyC array access wrapper for lua script
ArrayProxyRoC array read only access wrapper for lua script
QHashProxyQHash and QMap access wrapper for lua script
QHashProxyRoQHash and QMap read only access wrapper for lua script
QLinkedListProxyQLinkedList access wrapper for lua script
QListProxyQList access wrapper for lua script
QListProxyRoQList read only access wrapper for lua script
QVectorProxyQVector access wrapper for lua script
QVectorProxyRoQVector read only access wrapper for lua script

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