assh/assh_event.h header reference

Description [link] 

The API of the library is event based, as explained in the Event based API section.

This header contains declaration of the struct assh_event_s structure as well as event management functions.

Members [link] 

Types [link] 

Functions [link] 

  • void assh_event_done(struct assh_session_s *s, struct assh_event_s *e, enum assh_status_e err)
  • assh_bool_t assh_event_get(struct assh_session_s *s, struct assh_event_s *e, assh_time_t time)

Members detail [link] 

void assh_event_done(struct assh_session_s *s, struct assh_event_s *e, enum assh_status_e err) [link] 

This function is declared in assh/assh_event.h source file, line 248.

This function acknowledges the last event returned by the assh_event_get function.

If an error occurred during event processing by the caller, it should be reported to this function, especially if the error must terminate the session.

When an error is reported, the content of the event object is considered undefined by the library. The error will later be reported by an ASSH_EVENT_SESSION_ERROR event unless shadowed by an other error of higher severity.

See also State machines and Event based API.

assh_bool_t assh_event_get(struct assh_session_s *s, struct assh_event_s *e, assh_time_t time) [link] 

This function is declared in assh/assh_event.h source file, line 229.

This function runs the various state machines which implement the ssh2 protocol, including the currently running service and key-exchange. It then reports the next available event to the caller.

The assh_event_done function must be called after each successful call to this function, before requesting the next event.

This function can be called again unless 0 is returned eventually. This occurs when the session terminates.

When the function returns 1, the passed object event is initialized and can be examined by the application.

In order for the library to handle protocol timeouts properly, the current time in seconds has to be passed to this function. When this is the case, the assh_session_deadline function can be used to get the next ssh2 protocol deadline.

See also State machines, Event based API and assh_session_closed.

enum assh_event_id_e [link] 

This enum is declared in assh/assh_event.h source file, line 42.

This enum specifies event types.

ASSH_EVENT_READSee struct assh_event_transport_read_s.
ASSH_EVENT_WRITESee struct assh_event_transport_write_s.
ASSH_EVENT_DISCONNECTSee struct assh_event_transport_disconnect_s.
ASSH_EVENT_DEBUGSee struct assh_event_transport_debug_s.
ASSH_EVENT_SESSION_ERRORSee struct assh_event_session_error_s.
ASSH_EVENT_KEX_HOSTKEY_LOOKUPSee struct assh_event_kex_hostkey_lookup_s.
ASSH_EVENT_KEX_DONESee struct assh_event_kex_done_s.
ASSH_EVENT_SERVICE_STARTSee struct assh_event_service_start_s.
ASSH_EVENT_USERAUTH_CLIENT_USERSee struct assh_event_userauth_client_user_s.
ASSH_EVENT_USERAUTH_CLIENT_METHODSSee struct assh_event_userauth_client_methods_s.
ASSH_EVENT_USERAUTH_CLIENT_BANNERSee struct assh_event_userauth_client_banner_s.
ASSH_EVENT_USERAUTH_CLIENT_PWCHANGESee struct assh_event_userauth_client_pwchange_s.
ASSH_EVENT_USERAUTH_CLIENT_KEYBOARDSee struct assh_event_userauth_client_keyboard_s.
ASSH_EVENT_USERAUTH_CLIENT_SIGNSee struct assh_event_userauth_client_sign_s.
ASSH_EVENT_USERAUTH_SERVER_METHODSSee struct assh_event_userauth_server_methods_s.
ASSH_EVENT_USERAUTH_SERVER_NONESee struct assh_event_userauth_server_none_s.
ASSH_EVENT_USERAUTH_SERVER_USERKEYSee struct assh_event_userauth_server_userkey_s.
ASSH_EVENT_USERAUTH_SERVER_PASSWORDSee struct assh_event_userauth_server_password_s.
ASSH_EVENT_USERAUTH_SERVER_KBINFOSee struct assh_event_userauth_server_kbinfo_s.
ASSH_EVENT_USERAUTH_SERVER_KBRESPONSESee struct assh_event_userauth_server_kbresponse_s.
ASSH_EVENT_USERAUTH_SERVER_HOSTBASEDSee struct assh_event_userauth_server_hostbased_s.
ASSH_EVENT_USERAUTH_SERVER_SUCCESSSee struct assh_event_userauth_server_success_s.
ASSH_EVENT_REQUESTSee struct assh_event_request_s.
ASSH_EVENT_REQUEST_ABORTSee struct assh_event_request_abort_s.
ASSH_EVENT_REQUEST_SUCCESSSee struct assh_event_request_success_s.
ASSH_EVENT_REQUEST_FAILURESee struct assh_event_request_failure_s.
ASSH_EVENT_CHANNEL_OPENSee struct assh_event_channel_open_s.
ASSH_EVENT_CHANNEL_CONFIRMATIONSee struct assh_event_channel_confirmation_s.
ASSH_EVENT_CHANNEL_FAILURESee struct assh_event_channel_failure_s.
ASSH_EVENT_CHANNEL_DATASee struct assh_event_channel_data_s.
ASSH_EVENT_CHANNEL_WINDOWSee struct assh_event_channel_window_s.
ASSH_EVENT_CHANNEL_EOFSee struct assh_event_channel_eof_s.
ASSH_EVENT_CHANNEL_CLOSESee struct assh_event_channel_close_s.
ASSH_EVENT_CHANNEL_ABORTSee struct assh_event_channel_abort_s.

struct assh_event_s [link] 

This struct is declared in assh/assh_event.h source file, line 145.

This struct holds an event reported by the assh_event_get function.

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