1 Internal API documentation

The section contains the documentation extracted from the header files of library API. Both the public and internal parts of the API is exposed.

Please refer to the library reference manual instead if your are only interested by the public part of the API.

1.1 Headers list [link] 

assh/assh.hConstants and forward declarations
assh/assh_algo.hSSH algorithms base descriptor structure and related functions
assh/assh_alloc.hPluggable memory allocation functions used by the library
assh/assh_buffer.hSSH string buffers
assh/assh_cipher.hSSH cipher module interface
assh/assh_compress.hSSH compression module interface
assh/assh_connection.hSSH connection service (rfc4254 channels and requests)
assh/assh_context.hMain context structure and related functions
assh/assh_event.hEvent reporting structure and related functions
assh/assh_kex.hSSH key exchange module interface and helpers
assh/assh_key.hSSH keys base structure and related functions
assh/assh_mac.hSSH message authentication code module interface
assh/assh_packet.hSSH packets management
assh/assh_prng.hRandom generator module interface
assh/assh_service.hSSH service module interface
assh/assh_session.hSession structure and related functions
assh/assh_sign.hSSH signature module interface
assh/assh_transport.hSSH transport layer protocol (rfc4253)
assh/assh_userauth.hCommon declarations for the ssh-userauth service (rfc4252)
assh/assh_userauth_client.hImplementation of the client side ssh-userauth service (rfc4252)
assh/assh_userauth_server.hImplementation of the server side ssh-userauth service (rfc4252)
assh/helper_client.hSSH client application helpers
assh/helper_interactive.hSSH interactive session helpers (rfc4254 interactive sessions)
assh/helper_io.hIO events handling and IO related helper functions
assh/helper_key.hSSH keys file IO
assh/helper_portfwd.hSSH port forwarding helpers (rfc4254 port forwarding)
assh/helper_server.hSSH server application helpers
assh/mod_builtin.hDescriptors for builtin algorithms and modules
assh/mod_gcrypt.hDescriptors for algorithms and modules based on Libgcrypt
assh/mod_openssl.hDescriptors for algorithms and modules based on OpenSSL
assh/mod_sodium.hDescriptors for algorithms and modules based on libsodium
assh/mod_zlib.hDescriptors for algorithms and modules based on zlib
doc/config.hBuild configuration macro examples
assh/assh_bignum.hBig number engine module interface (internal)
assh/assh_hash.hHashing module interface (internal)
assh/assh_map.hAssociative container (internal)
assh/assh_platform.hPLatform dependent definitions (internal)
assh/assh_queue.hLinked list container (internal)
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