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Once upon a time, in a far far past !
I had discovered the Logo language as I was about 10 years old. It was the age of the MO5.
For the nostalgics, you can find a MO5 emulator here and a gallery of the MO5 and all it's comtemporary at

Here is an example of my great creativity brean-storming:
Logo is still alive
I have taken about 10 years more, but Logo is still here.
There is a lot of logo interpreteur, either on GNU/Linux or on Windows.
The best known on Linux is probably ucblogo.

There is also Java programs/applets. For example, jLogo or Turtle Tracks.
Why a new program ?
So why writing a new Logo interpreter ?
Firstly because none of them were satisfaying me:
+ Some are too hard to use (or not enough intuitive) for beginning users,
+ Some others are not enough stable (I think of java applets)

And finally because :)
And why should you used Logo, huh ?
You are professor, parent, or just a kid surfing on the web (it's not good, were are your parents? :).
So stop moving - Logo is made for you.

Logo has several advantages:
+ you can learn arithmetic and geometry in a funny way
+ It can demystify computers and the way they work.
After all, writting a program in Logo or in C is quite the same !
And why choosing lafontaine, huh ?
(I think I'm repeating here)
Because it's mine! ;)

Well, it's quite simplistic. Maybe these arguments will convince you more:
+ the interface is easy to apprehend,
+ there is a specific Logo language version for each country,
+ Lafontaine is highly portable (by using the gtk library)
Help !!
   Lafontaine is far from being complete. I actively search for testing or porting people, translators, drawers (it would be nice a logo for my turtle, no?), musicians, and all volunteers.

If you want to help me, or simply say me hello, contact me at <>