Gzz mailing lists

There is an announcement-only list. It is very low-volume and recommended to all users of Gzz. Subscribe at Gzz-announce list page.

Gzz development can be discussed on the following mailing lists:

  • Zigzag: General discussion of Zigzag by the users. Send an email to zigzag-subscribe@xanadu.net to join.
  • ZZdev: For ZigZag (zzstructure) developers. Send an email to zzdev-subscribe@xanadu.net to join. As there are currently more developers than users, this is the list where most discussions are happening. It is currently fairly active, after a long break of approximately a year or so.
  • gzz-commits: This is not for discussions but rather for notifications about commits to CVS. If you plan to follow the day-to-day development of GZigZag, joining this list is a good idea: all commit messages get posted. Instructions for joining.

Archives of the mailing lists are available at http://www.xanadu.com.au/mail/.