Chapter 2. Engines

Table of Contents

Machine properties
Output tab
Input tab
Link input tab
Resize channels tab
Plugin browser dialog
Audio connection dialog
Audio connection output line
Audio connection output bulk
Audio connection input line
Audio connection input bulk
Envelope dialog
Envelope editor
Envelope info
Envelope pattern
MIDI dialog
The pattern box
FM Synth
FM Syncsynth

You can add engines by activating the appropriate menu item within the "add" submenu of the "edit" menu item. You may change the properties of an engine by opening the properties dialog from the context menu at the top of each machine within vertical order. From the context menu you may perform some other tasks, as well.

The edit submenu is only available by sequencers like AgsDrum and AgsMatrix.

Machine properties

Within properties dialog you can link lines either in single channel or in bulk mode, add effects and adjust audio-channels/pads.

Output tab

The machine properties dialog screenshot - output tab

The output tab lets you mainly perform linking lines and adding effects to them. For each line there's a combo box listing available linking engines, on the right of it there is a spin button let you choose the input line to be linked. As you have added a plugin by clicking add and selected appropriate effect by using plugin browser dialog. You may remove it by clicking checkbox of the listed plugin and finally click remove. Note you can have a effect only once per channel.

Input tab

The machine properties dialog screenshot - input tab

The input tab does the mainly same as output tab in view of input lines. If supported you might assign files, too. In general you connect output to input.

Link input tab

The machine properties dialog screenshot - link input tab

Do linking in batch mode. This means you're able to assign multiple lines at once. Thus you have to decide what start channel on each side to use and the count of lines to be linked.

Resize channels tab

The machine properties dialog screenshot - resize tab

Adjust audio channels or input/output pads. If supported the GUI may provide more lines and pads as increasing the amount.

Plugin browser dialog

The LADSPA browser dialog screenshot

The plugin browser gives you choice of available LADSPA or Lv2 plugins. It lets you modify the controls to be used. The added plugin can be removed by activating checkbox in output/input tab and clicking remove.