Chapter 1. The Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer OSC server

Table of Contents

Context paths

The OSC server implementation supports connections by UDP/TCP over IPv4 and IPv6. There are different server paths available. Each context path handled by its own OSC controller.

Context paths

The context path is the address pattern of your OSC message. Every OSC message passes the front controller. Then it is scheduled and delegated to the matching controller. The OSC timetag specifies at what time the message should be dispatched. The OSC timetag is taken from your OSC bundle.

Addressing nodes can be done by using ranges or wildcard. The context path matches the first string of your type tag. The common prefix is /AgsSoundProvider for accessing the audio layer of GSequencer.

Table 1.1. OSC server context paths

Context path description
/info Provides OSC server identifier
/status Retrieve OSC server status
/config Configure the GSequencer engine
/action Run tasks specified by action
/node Read values of nodes
/renew Modify values of nodes
/meter Continuing update meter values