The GNU Modula-2 front end to GCC

How to get source code using git

There are two repositories containing gm2, one on Savannah which only contains gm2 and one on floppsie which contains a gcc repository with a rebased gm2 applied. The floppsie repository is automatically generated from the gcc repository and the Savannah repository. In effect the floppsie repository rebases gm2 to the gcc repository for all supported branches. All developer git pushes are directed to the Savannah repository.

The combined git repository can be obtained using the following commands:

$ git clone gm2-floppsie
$ cd gm2-floppsie
$ git checkout gm2-master
$ cd ..

If you only need the gm2 front end then this can be obtained from Savannah using the commands:

$ git clone gm2-savannah
$ cd gm2-savannah
$ git checkout master
$ cd ..

The source code in the git repository on Savannah can be browsed.