A CVS branch have been created for continued work on the 0.6.2 release. To check it out, use the -r Branch-6_0 flag after co in the cvs command described in download section.

Göran Weinholt and Christian Häggström have lost interest in developing giFTcurs. We’re looking for someone to take over development. Please contact us via email or IRC.

There have’t been any status updates here in a while, but that was just because nothing was really happening.
There will shortly be some commits made to the CVS that totally break backwards compatibility. giFT 0.12.x will use ONC RPC for its protocol, and we’re finally implementing it.

Nope... some of us couldn’t wait for Savannah to fix the download area. giFTcurs 0.6.2 has been released. It fixes a SIGBUS error on sparc64, adds UTF-8 support, and adds an Italian translation from Stefano Palmeri.
It will be uploaded to Savannah’s download area as soon as they fix it. Meanwhile, get it from Links are below.

We are going to release 0.6.2 as soon as Savannah fixes the file download area.
If your translation isn’t up to date in the CVS or if you want to send us a completely new translation, don’t hesitate to contact us.
The next release will, as noted earlier, have UTF-8 support. If you want to test this, check out the CVS and configure with “--with-ncursesw”. Characters with wide glyphs and composite characters are supposed to work.

We’re currently working on getting UTF-8 working in giFTcurs. So far it has been going fairly well, and the next release will have UTF-8 support if compiled with ncursesw.

giFTcurs 0.6.1 has been released! It includes a fix for the annoying bug with the interface ID’s that would make it believe giFT should be upgraded. Also, the “Start search” button no longer automatically clears searches, since some networks have a “search more” feature. Just press the button again when the search is finished.

The mailing lists have been moved to Savannah. The old list of users should have been moved over OK.

Official giFT and giFTcurs packages have been accepted into Debian, and will soon hit the mirrors. They are currently resting in

The impossible has happened. giFT 0.11.1 has been released! Download it here.

giFTcurs 0.6.0 is out. Be aware that this version uses GLib 2. Banned words are stored in the configuration file. You can ignore a user temporarily by pressing “i” when a source is marked, and pressing “I” will save the ignore in the configuration file. A console has been implemented, which currently doesn’t do much except show messages. Press “v” for verbose mode. The search and transfer tabs are highlighted when a search or download finishes. This version also supports a minor protocol change related to the interface protocol id’s.

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giFTcurs is a cursed frontend to the giFT daemon and has been described as “seriously slick”. It won’t work that well without giFT, which you should have already. The version in CVS always works with the daemon in CVS. The latest giFTcurs release also works with the latest giFT release, and there are very rarely any incompatible changes in the protocol.
Everything else can be found at the project page.
You might be interested in reading AUTHORS, README, NEWS, giFTcurs(1), and giFTcurs.conf(5).



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Latest release
giFTcurs-0.6.2.tar.gz (GnuPG SIG, md5 9a34b924ea10ce0a1d62441ee2bacfff)

CVS version
export CVS_RSH="ssh"
cvs -d co giFTcurs

If you can’t get the CVS to build, it might be better to use a release.

Debian stable
deb stable main
deb-src stable main

Backports of giFT and GLib2 are provided.
Official Debian packages are available.

giFTcurs appears to be available at freshports or some such over here.
We haven’t been contacted about this though so we might be wrong.

Older releases
Older releases can be found at
The files are all signed with the GnuPG key 0x4A8854E6.


Mailing lists
Join the giFTcurs user’s mailing list
Join the giFTcurs developer’s mailing list
Join the giFTcurs CVS commits mailing list

You can find us in #giFTcurs on

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