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To make the process of getting volunteers involved as efficiently and quickly as possible we'd like you to fill
in the simple form below. Due to the diversity of people who have volunteered in the past a little bit of information
up front can help us get you more involved a lot faster.

We are all volunteers and have no full-time staff, so to be fair on everyone involved each member carries the responsibility of holding themselves accountable to deadlines, sending in their contributions and asking for help if they need it!
We expect of you: You can expect of us:
  • you will be subscribed to 2 mailing lists (a general author's list and a subject list)
  • you will be given an assigment catering, as much as possible, to your preferences below
  • you will need to give us a projected deadline for your assignment
  • you will need to give a monthly update so everyone knows where they stand (if we don't know what is happening we can't really administer anything)
  • if you feel you can't complete your assignment please let us know (its only fair!) and we'd appreciate ANY feedback regarding how we can make it better, what could have helped you - it will help us in future
  • every admin member is also a contributor so everything we expect of you applies to us
  • do our best to find you an assignment you are happy with
  • provide advice and answer any questions about your assignment
  • incorporate your contribution into the books
  • recruit other members
  • raise money for printing
  • keep website up to date
  • work together to make your contributions meet the syllabus and style of the books

If you are happy with that we'd really appreciate your help!

First Name:
Last Name:
Subject you would like to be involved with:
Please tell us briefly what you do
and what expertise you have
in your the subject you chose:

Do you have any preferences regarding your assignment:
What operating system do you use (broadly speaking):
Have you used CVS before:
Have you used LaTeX before:
Have you used PSTricks before:
Text editor of choice:
Any comments/questions/suggestions
you'd like us to address up front?: